Additional features

Designated Smoking area Baby cot free of charge Mini-gift shop
Designated Smoking area Baby cot free of charge Mini-gift shop
Gift certificate Clamshell Euro Laundry
Gift certificate Clamshell Euro 180 cм (250 rubles/day) Laundry

  • Gift certificate
  • free access to Internet wi-fi
  • mini-gift shop
  • baby cot free of charge
  • laundry
  • luggage storage - 50 rubles/day
  • safe Deposit box - 50 rubles/day
  • clamshell Euro 180 см – 250 руб/сутки
  • smoking room
  • fax services - 10 rubles/sheet
  • extra linen - 100 рублей/комплект
  • notebook - 50 rubles/hour
  • the payment terminal (commission)
  • services copying and printing of documents
  • repair, Laundry, Ironing service
  • the services of international and long-distance communication
  • early linen

Free services

  • training in the gym
  • wi-fi
  • foreign citizens registration
  • delivery to the room of your mail
  • the wake-up call
  • provision of an iron and Ironing Board
  • a cot (bed length 120 cm)
  • provision of baby pot, baby toilet seat
  • provision of boiling water
  • machine shoeshine
  • providing a set of dishes and Cutlery
  • tea, coffee, sugar (daily)
  • call taxi
  • order railway tickets
  • toilet soap, shampoo (daily)
  • inquiries about the city of Kirov

Any information at any time of the day You can get at the reception.

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