Breakfast, cafe

Breakfast buffet in the banquet hall on the first floor from 07.30 until 11.00 on weekdays, and 08.00 to 11.00 on weekends.

Cost 450 ruble. (can be included in the room price).

Submitted by: milk porridge, soup, fish and meat main dishes, side dishes, sausages, pancakes/griddle cakes, eggs, fruit, salads, sliced cheese and sausage, cereal, sandwiches, milk, cream, yogurt/kefir, biscuits, confectionery (cake/cakes), natural and soluble coffee, tea, fresh juice.

A comprehensive continental Breakfast in the café on the 8th floor from 07.00 to 11.00 daily.

The cost is 250/450 rubles (can be included in the room price).

French breakfast (250 rubles): fresh croissants (3 pcs), butter, jam, coffee with cream/tea with lemon;

English breakfast (250 rubles): milk oatmeal / oatmeal porridge on water (on pre-order), boiled egg (2 pcs), European toast (in egg), butter, jam, coffee with cream/tea with lemon.

Fitness breakfast (450 rubles): oatmeal with herbs (3 pcs)/corn flakes with milk /muesli with milk/oatmeal porridge on water (on pre-order), fruit, grain loaves (2 pcs), fruit yogurt, honey/jam, a bottle of still water, coffee with cream/tea with lemon.

American breakfast (450 rubles): fried eggs (2 eggs), fried bacon, sausages, fresh vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers), tomato sauce, toast, toast cheese, butter, jam, coffee with cream/tea with lemon.

Buffet dinner in the multifunctional hall of the hotel on the ground floor from 18.30 to 20.30 daily. The cost is 600 rubles (can be included in the room price). There are: fresh vegetables, cold appetizers, pickles and marinades, sliced cheese and meat products, soup, pasta, fish second course, a dish of natural and chopped meat, vegetable dishes, side dishes of cereals and vegetables, pancakes, fruit, fresh orange, tea, coffee and instant coffee, cold drinks.

Daily from 07.00 to 23.00 it offers opened a cozy cafe on the 8th floor of the Hotel, offering traditional Russian dishes to choose from.

For delivery in the room upon request – additional fee of 10% of the order value.

In the central hall features a lobby bar, where drinks, snacks, tea, coffee, juices and desserts. Also from 19.00 to 7.00 in the lobby bar meals (salads, entree, side dishes, hot meat dishes).

Guest of our Hotel meals included in the price without allocating a separate line.


It can accommodate up to 25 people.

Features: the attentive approach to Your requirements and individual menu, you can bring your own alcohol. Cost - from 900 rubles per person.

Requests and suggestions:, 54-63-83, 44-06-35 (Oksana Vladimirovna).

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