Absolutely new rooms of “studio” - type! Feel and evaluate different opportunities of space in a hotel room.

3 сентября 2012
The renewal of the “Vyatka” room fund is still in progress. We are happy to offer our guests a chance to enjoy a stay in absolutely new “studio” rooms. The rooms are decorated in classic style design. The sleeping and working zones are well-combined in a 30 square meters area. The room can house 1 or 2 people. A “studio” room offers an opportunity to feel and evaluate new possibilities of space in a hotel room, appropriate combination of cost and quality of the services offered.

Absolutely new rooms of “studio” - type!Absolutely new rooms of “studio” - type! Absolutely new rooms of “studio” - type!

Рекомендуем указывать тот номер, по которому с вами легко связаться. Например, мобильный.